Meet the research team

Meet the research team

In the picture from left to right:

Ing. Annemarie van der Heijde – Radboud University

Prof. Dr. Ger Pruijn – Radboud University

Jyoti Kumari PhD – Novio Catalpa/Radboud University

Dr. Martin Salden – Novio Catalpa

Collaboration with Radboud University

Novio Catalpa collaborates with Radboud University to explore the applicability of hemagglutination in diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis. The collaboration aims (i) to generate agglutination mediators, molecules that can be added to whole blood samples and that will induce the agglutination of red blood cells in an anti-citrullinated protein antibody (ACPA)-dependent manner, (ii) to develop and optimize an agglutination-based assay for ACPA detection, and (iii) to determine its sensitivity and specificity. This work is in part being performed at the Biomolecular Chemistry department of the Radboud University, headed by Prof. Dr. Ger Pruijn.

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